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Surviving the Iron Age

BBC Books (2001)

During the autumn of 2000, BBC Television created a ‘living history’ experiment in which 17 intrepid volunteers lived in conditions modelled on pre-Roman Britain. Our would-be Celts left the luxuries of the twenty-first century behind and set up home in an encampment of reconstructed roundhouses, under the persistent rain of a typical Welsh autumn. Their challenge was not only to survive, but to thrive, and they were expected to hunt for their food, make charcoal, fire pottery, brew beer and butcher their livestock – all under the relentless gaze of television cameras. For those hardy enough to last the course, their time in the Iron Age ended with the celebration of the mysterious festival of Samhain, the pagan forerunner of Hallowe’en, and the construction and burning of their very own wicker man.

In a behind-the-scenes look at making the series, this book combines beautifully reproduced colour photographs, personal stories of the volunteers and the reality of what life was really like for the pre-historic Celts living 2,000 years ago in pre-Roman Britain.

View Surviving the Iron Age ... pages 73-76 Iron Age Hill Fort