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Developing Stories

SERIES 1 (1992) AND SERIES 2 (1994)

Developing Stories; series 1 (1992) and series 2 (1994)

This ground-breaking TV project was produced by Peter Firstbrook for the BBC and the One World group of broadcasters, in association with the Television Trust for the Environment. Developing Stories was an opportunity for the most talented filmmakers from the developing worlds to view the root causes of the world's environment and development crisis from their perspective. The series gave a radical platform for filmmakers from the south to make their own films, reflecting their own realities.

Developing Stories has been shown in more than 70 countries.

"Reveals more of the truth...than would a thousand gamely plodding documentary overviews."
David Flusfeder, The Times


(90-minute feature film; Mel Chionglo with a screenplay by the late Lino Brocka)
The consequences for the people living in a rural fishing village following an offshore oil spill.

(60-minute drama; Gaston Kaboré)
A modern day fable about a young boy growing up in Burkina Faso.

And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon
(60-minute documentary; Anthony Hall & Christopher Laird)
The struggle for local television in the Caribbean, which is dominated by US programs.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
(60-minute documentary; Manjira Dalta)
The darker side of the Green Revolution in India.

Life and Debt
(60-minute documentary; Octavio Bezerra)
The murder of street children in Rio de Janeiro.

Suspended Dreams
(60-minute documentary; Mai Masri & Jean Chamoun)
The lasting effects of the civil war in Lebanon.

Developing Stories Series 1 and Series 2


The Tale of the Three Lost Jewels
(60-minute drama; Michel Khleifi)
A magical love story between two adolescents growing up in the Gaza Strip, set in the turbulent days of Israeli occupation. A tale of love and hope of a young boy and girl growing up in the Gaza Strip.

Désounen-Dialogue with Death
(60-minute documentary; Raoul Peck)
An impressionistic look at the reality of daily life in Haiti.

The Legacy of Malthus
(60-minute documentary; Deepa Dhanraj)
An Indian film which argues that overpopulation is not the real cause of poverty.

The Tree of Our Forefathers
(60-minute documentary; Licinio Azevedo)
A refugee family makes the long journey home from exile to Mozambique.

For purchase of these films;
http://www.tve.org/ for Worldwide distribution
http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/ for North American distribution

"Worth a year of news dispatches from the famine camps. These are neighbors, not statistics."
The Guide

"Social realism at its most searing, relentlessly despairing but riveting."
Toronto Globe and Mail

"If there is a more precise and vivid essay on the root causes of Third World misery...it could not be more potent than Life and Debt."
Toronto Star

"Beautiful modern African parable about our dislocated relationship with the natural world."
The Guardian